GALAXY Intégration des panneaux d'intrusion dans MOBOTIX HUB - FR

The detection of an intrusion acquires a greater dimension when it is accompanied by images. Therefore, a protection system that incorporates a CCTV system and an intrusion detection system is presented as a more complete solution than a CCTV system without intrusion, or an intrusion system without images.

Paradox’s intrusion systems offer the highest level of protection for banks, military and government facilities, luxury residential homes, and anywhere where maximum security is essential.
These systems are designed to be easy to use and their modular concept provides installers with work-saving features that make expanding, installing and servicing them fast and convenient.

Paradox ‘s Spectra, Magellan and Evo families can now be integrated into MOBOTIX HUB via the SGSE plug-in.


Key features:

  • seamless connection of MOBOTIX HUB and Paradox Intrusion Panels
  • intrusion events can be used to define customized events inside of MOBOTIX HUB
  • the rules engine also facilitates interaction with the intrusion panel for any event occurs in HUB
    → user defined events can be performed directly from HUB

What is needed to install the plugin:

  • SGSE Paradox Intrusion Plugin for MOBOTIX HUB
  • Paradox intrusion panels system

How it works

Choose the camera or cameras that will be linked to the zone when it is alarmed.

The status of each element is indicated by the colour displayed on the icon.

To interact with elements you can right-click on their corresponding icons.

Download / Support information

  • More information on the plugin:
  • Contact SGSE: add address
  • Contact PARADOX:
  • MOBOTIX HUB Version used at the time of testing: Versionsname

How to install the plugin:

Steps for installing the plugin:

  • Enter the name of the connection/panel.
  • Enter the IP address and the communications port.
  • Enter the username and password for the intrusion panel user account.
  • Save the account information.

The Paradox panels will establish ethernet communication with the MOBOTIX HUB platform, which contains the SGSE plugin that controls the panels by implementing the protocols designed by Paradox through this manufacturer’s software development kit (SDK).

It is therefore necessary for the intrusion panel user account credentials, the information relating to the IP address and the communications port to be configured so that the plugin can communicate with the intrusion panels in the right way.

The registration of one or more Paradox intrusion panels that is/are associated with a site is very straightforward as it is just a case of entering the following details: the username and password, the IP address, and the communications port, among other things, as shown in the image below.

Click save to store the connection information in the plugin.

If the information entered is correct, some fields will appear at the bottom of the panel management dialog box, just below the «Enabled» field, which will be highlighted in green. If the information entered is incorrect, the fields that will appear will be highlighted in a different colour and information will be displayed to show that communication between MOBOTIX HUB and the Paradox intrusion panel could not be established.
If communication has been established successfully, the information that has been entered should be saved so that the system can use it every time it is started up. This will make this process more straightforward and convenient.