Generic Translation for MxMC

Are you using a MOBOTIX software and you are looking for a translation in a language that is not included in the standard package? Now you can create your custom translation and share it with other users within the MOBOTIX Community.

Why have we been providing such a GUI translation package?

• Interesting for partners who want to create their own translations into languages not covered by MX
• Partners can re-use existing translations for updated versions of MX software
• Partners can use translation as an add-on value when selling their solutions

Proposed new strategy

• Fully automatic creation of translation package (could be integrated into the build process)
• Translation package is uploaded together with the software release
• Partners can use free-of-charge software (Qt Linguist standalone from GitHub) for translation
• Existing translations can be re-used
• Start test in MX Community for exchanging translation packages

The MOBOTIX TransPack (short for Translation Package) has been introduced to allow users in
other countries to translate certain MOBOTIX products into languages that are not directly
supported by MOBOTIX.
The TransPack contains all fles required to translate and generate the fles required to run
translated versions of the software, with the exception of the items listed in the Requirements

For the MxMC you will find the TransPack under the download section of the MxMc:

MX_TransPack_Instructions.pdf (573.9 KB)

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