Hello? is anyone out there?

I was so excited when Mobotix started the Mobotix Community on the Discourse platform. What a great idea to bring all of us Mobotix people together. I have been using the Discourse platform with the different workshops that I have taken from Seth Godin. It is a great way to share information, meet people and develop a deep knowledge base of learning.

So who is using it? Please tag me or reply to this thread if you are out.

I hope we can start using the Mobotix Community and build it into a great tool and community of people that love the Mobotix platform like I love the Discourse platform.

I look forward to hearing from who is out there but hiding.


Hi Bob,

thank you for the start post. I’m Ewald from the netherlands, and pretty new to mobotix.
Since i have several issues with mobotix i thought it was a good idea to take a look here…

what are you using mobotix for?

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Hello @ewaldsarneel are you still using the Mobotix community?