How to use gmail with a MOBOTIX camera


MOBOTIX cameras can send e-mails with different types of attachments:

  • Image
  • Video clip
  • Image information (JPEG comment)
  • Logs: System messages, Web Server Log, Camera Status, Entry Log
  • MxAnalytics reports: Counting corridors, Heatmaps

These e-mails can be sent out as Actions on Events or as Time-Tasks. E.g. to send an image every five minutes or to send an image when someone calls the bell button on the door station.

Setup the e-mail profile to use gmail


  • Camera must support TLS/SSL for E-Mail configuration. This is possible with P3 (x4,x5) and Mx6 models running up to date firmware versions and with the M12 running a beta firmware (3.6.*) which is available upon request to support.
  • Camera must have access to the internet and a gateway and DNS must be defined.
  • Access for less secure apps must be setup for the gmail account.

Enable less secure apps in Gmail
The following link takes you to the setting that enables access to less secure apps.

Configure the gmail account in the camera

Step 1. Go to Admin Menu > E-Mail Profiles
Step 2. Set the following parameters

Step 3. Set an address in one of the profiles to Test it.

Step 4. Go to Admin Menu > Test Current Network Configuration and allow the pop-up window. You will see the results of the test in this pop-up window.

Step 5. Scroll down and test the AlarmMail profile.

Step 6. Verify the success of the test.


E-Mail is a widely spread communication method which is seamlessly integrated into the MOBOTIX camera. An SSL/TLS secured connection can be used to securely transfer images, recordings and logs.

Furthermore it is possible to use Gmail and other major providers.


I had all of our cameras set up to send alerts and pictures with a gmail business account, the other day the password on that account changed and when I went in to the cameras to change it it doesn’t work. When I do the test network settings I keep getting "Sending email failed, error #123 SMTP authentication failed (on connecting mail server).

I have gone back and follow the above instructions and still no luck

Instead of using SSL/TLS, try STARTTLS

Can we get an updated guide for the MOVE line of cameras?

I’ve been wrestling with email notification using the latest firmware (Aug 2020), and it will not work with any combination of IP, FQDN, port, SSL/not, login/pw, etc through Google’s G-Suite email relay.

The “Test” button shows consistent failure.

Dear @GridKid,
I’ve tested the lastest Move Firmware and it should work.
Are you using the same settings like this?

Yes. It still fails. Consistently.

I’ve tried every iteration of port, PW, login, and protocol. I get a consistent “send failed” every time. Something is broken.

I’ve tried setting it to the same gmail account as the login.

I’ve tried setting it to a different gmail account as the login.

I’ve whitelisted my IP address with google’s email servers (other devices on my network can send to Google’s servers without difficulty)

Doesn’t work. Every other device on my network can send to gmails servers (I specifically whitelisted my fixed IP with google to avoid problems), but nothing is getting through from the cameras.

I used exactly the settings you recommended (other than my own login/pw, of course)

Did you get it working? @GridKid

No. I cannot get any of the MOVE bullets to pass mail to the gmail servers. I’ve tried to relay mail with my personal Gmail account, and my business account. I’ve configured my Google account to allow less-secure apps, and tried every combination of server/login, recipient, and protocol… no joy.

I have several Q25 cameras in the same installation, and on the same network, and they’re relaying email alerts off-site without any problem.

And unfortunately, the logs are not very illuminating. I really wish the logging-level on the newer MOVE cameras was as informative as the older ones; it might give us an idea of why it’s failing.

The Move cameras are to totally different animal. I would stick with the IoT cameras for these type of applications.

Live and learn. Mobotix used to be my go-to for remote, low-bandwidth connections, especially solar installs. Email images were a great, low-power way to keep track of alerts, and have some redundant images stored off-site.

Well… note-to-self. Mobotix has taken a step backwards with their newest line of cameras. What a shame.

Anybody have an email setup/provider that DOES work with MOVE cameras? Am I going to have to set up an email server on-site to act as a relay? What a hassle.

Maybe I’ll just do it on a raspberry Pi, and stick it in an enclosure. At least I’d have meaningful logs, and be able to tell why it failed.

Is there / will there be any SSL/TLS firmware update for my D12?
All major mail providers require this now…

there are no major updates planned for the x2 series cameras since they have reached their End-Of-Service

There is a beta version MX3.6.0.9 available that supports SSL/TLS. Get in touch with our Support to get a copy.

When installing the MX3.6.0.9 you need to keep in mind that it is a beta version and it might not be as stable as our official releases. Also with this version ActivitySensor is not available for the camera.

Thank you, I’ll try that!