M16B not reachable through IPv4 ethernet (Switch is ON)


I’m trying to establish a connection through IPv4 ethernet with my new M16b but do not succeed.
The camera is reachable through local LAN without any problem.
Had several attempts with IPv4 but no success.

Even after reset to factory settings, no success.

In ‘Test Current Network Configuration, Misc, General test, test this host (factory-IP)’ result = Host OK
When I do a ping (CMD) to factory-IP, the result = Request timed out, sent 4, received 0 lost=4

Board Revision: 6.4
Processor Type: ARMv7 Processor

Operating System
Type: Linux
Release: 4.6.0-rc5
Release Date: #1 SMP Wed Aug 5 15:10:42 CEST 2020

File System
Release: MX-V5.4.0.44
ActiveX Version:

IPV4 address = factory defaults IP-address

‘General Interface setup’,
Ethernet is Enabled
BOOTP/DHCP : On, client Mode

‘IPv4 Ethernet Parameters’
Additional IPv4 Address is ON
‘IP Address’ and ‘Network Mask’ are faded (because BOOTP/DHCP : On, client Mode)

What is wrong, can anybody help please ?
Thank you.