MOBOTIX Cloud - 2 Way Audio support

The Cloud offers a new function to better use the audio capability of the MOBOTIX IoT cameras. Previously, it was only possible to tap into the audio channel of the camera to ensure that the room could be monitored.
Now, in addition to the existing audio function, there is a new communication option based on the SIP standard. This is arranged as usual under the Cloud Settings under the tab “Audio” and can be found as “2-Way Audio Settings”.

With this function, the user can talk to the person in front of the camera.

SIP is supported by any MOBOTXI IoT camera that supports audio together with ONVIF support, which can be added to the MOBOTIX Cloud. This includes the P6 camera family (e.g. M16,Q26, C26 AU, M26 ,T26 etc.) as well as the P7 camera family (e.g. M73 and S74).


  • Microphone and loudspeaker are activated in the camera
  • Sip Client is activated
  • Camera already added to the Cloud
  • Cloud Camera Settings the 2-Way Audio Setting is set to “2-Way Audio” (SIP Username and Password do not need to be set!)

(Sip Registrar or Sip Server are not necessary in this case)

The communication can be activated or deactivated after successful configuration with the new microphone symbol.

Screenshot 2023-02-22 at 15.20.38

The loudspeaker symbol above is not intended for intercom and operates the “simple” audio (listening in to the room). When using 2 way audio, it is advisable to deactivate this “audio function”.

Cloud Views:

After the Cloud Audio setting has been activated, a loudspeaker icon appears in the Dashboard next to the camera.

Screenshot 2023-02-22 at 15.20.54

Relevant camera settings for the SIP settings

Activate microphone and loudspeaker:

Sip Client Settings:
Only the Sip Client must be activated here!