MobotixCloud Event Recording triggered by the ActivitySensor of an IoT Camera

You be able to use the complete logics of an IoT camera in the Mobotix Cloud, it is possible to use e.g. the ActivitySensor for recording in the Mobotix Cloud.

To do this, you must proceed as follows.

Preparation IoT camera:

To do this, you must create an event in the IoT camera that triggers a recording.
It is important here to make sure to activate the recording icon in the live image of the camera.

Create event: e.g. Activity Sensor.

  • Setup Menu: Event Overview
  • Image Analysis Events -> Edit

For this you have to define a rectangle in the live image and add the coordinates by clicking "Add Rectangle ".

Enable Recording + Recording Status Symbol.
Setup Menu: Recording

  • Recording Status Symbol.
  • Under Start Recording select the ActivitySensor (Image Analysis: AS).
  • Define a Recording Duration that specifies how long the recording symbol should “blink”.


Cloud Configuration:

To do this, go to the camera settings within Mobotix Cloud and set event recording.

Click on the "Motion " tab.
Set the following values:

  • Master Motion Sensitivity : 0 (This will ignore all other motion in the image outside the defined detection window).
  • Click on the "+ Symbol " so that you get a new detection area.
  • Move your detection window to the position of the recording symbol in the live image
  • The sensitivity should be configured to the value 100, so that the algorithm is very sensitive.

Now, the Mobotix Cloud’s motion detection simply triggers and starts a recording when the IoT camera’s Activity Sensor has triggered and started a recording in the camera.

Of course, you can also configure other events in the IoT camera that trigger a recording, e.g. signal input.
The only important thing here is that the camera itself triggers a recording.

Here you can find a small example video. The ActivitySensor of the IoT camera triggers a recording of the Mobotix Cloud.

Recommendation to exclude false alarms:.
Since the recording icon is slightly transparent, there is a possibility that the Cloud’s motion detection detects in this area even though the AS has not triggered.

This can be prevented by placing a logo behind the recording symbol.

In this example, a black field has been placed as the logo.

Admin Menu: Manage Image Files
-> Upload a “logo” here, which will be put behind the recording symbol afterwards.

Admin Menu: Logo Profiles
Create a logo profile here which should display the uploaded image.

If you have configured this, you will see it in the live image of the camera:
This can prevent any movement that takes place in the transparent area of the recording icon, so that the cloud only records when the IoT camera itself is recording.

Since December 2021, a total of 5 event types of the MOBOTIX IoT camera direct are now recognised by the Cloud and trigger a Cloud recording and Cloud alarm. This makes the configuration much easier and it is no longer necessary to use the recording icon as a “Cloud Recording Trigger” via Cloud VM. This works with the following camera events:

  • Thermal Event (see Screenshots below)
  • Activity Event (shown in the Video)
  • Video Motion Event
  • IP Receive Event
  • MxMessage Event

The video shows the configuration:

Thermal Tab will be appear if you have a Thermal camera connected.
Here are screenshots of the settings (Thermal Tab) and the Result in the History Browser.

Thermal Events are marked red in the History: