SIP Registration via DNS NAPTR / DNS SRV

Hi guys,

I am currently using two Mobotix M16 cameras and connected those with the Cloud PBX from Telekom (germany).
They made a change in their technology however, where they got rid of the DNS A method and only allow SIP registrations via DNS NAPTR or DNS SRV.

Since the Mobotix Camera does not have those settings, does anyone have a solution? Is this on the roadmap?
If not, can somebody recommend a german SIP Provider still supporting the “old technolgy”?


Hi Mobotix-Team,

I have same the problem, since Telekom changed their SIP registration method to DNS SRV my T25 isn’t able to register over SIP client anymore. Our T25 has to call some cell phones over SIP client in some cases.

Before we have to switch register to a new provider (which I really don’t want to) I want to ask you:
Are there any recent plans to include DNS SRV registration for SIP client?

Looking forward to hear from you.


same here. Are there any news on this? Any plans or a workaround?