Feature requests open version

You could have an open version of the feature requests and then elevate the ones that get positive feedback and or business cases to the more filtered one.

How does that work correctly?

If I make a feature request that acquires a million likes immediately then probably it would be a good one. Someone else could reply to say that they can sell a 1000 units the day the feature is introduced. At that point it would be moved to the “real” feature request category.

@LMCS.amin Welcome to the Mx-Community. That is one of our ideas, to have a category or sub where partners share feature requests. Then those with the highest number of likes will be proposed to our PMs, they are part of the community as well. We want to leverage your business knowledge and field experience to create products that you can sell to your customers.

So which one is the section where I would post a software feature request? The one I found was limited to Mx staff.

@LMCS.amin there is no section for Feature Requests yet. We will be rolling out new categories and subcategories in the future. You can create a feature request in one of the software categories and we will later on move it to the new category.