Initial Setup - Add Sources via list (.mxu) (EN)

Normally, a search for cameras in the network is started for the initial setup of MxManagementCenter, and all desired cameras are then added to the new project.
In some cases, the administrator needs another way to set up the project. For example, if a search for cameras in the network is not allowed, or if the initial setup of the project is to take place outside the camera network.
A solution for this can be the use of an .MXU file. This text file contains the access data to the cameras, data on camera groups and other information for the project, similar to the widely used playlists (.m3u) for Mp3 files.
After creating the file, it is simply dragged and dropped into an open live or player view.

For easy import of cameras, the file must have the following format:

  • UTF-8 unformatted text
  • Words of a line to add a camera are separated by TAB.
  • Multiple consecutive TABS possible for better formatting, fields cannot be
    not be left empty
  • Line break CR
  • Camera line: Name<TAB>IP<TAB>Username<TAB>Password<CR>
  • Comment lines start with “//”
  • Camera names must be unique, cameras with same name will not be added again

The first line of the document must always be #EXTMXU


dfi-10-9-49-25-Tower   admin   meinsm
dfi-10-8-97-206-T24S  admin   meinsm
dfi-10-8-23-251  admin   meinsm

This method allows other functions (“extended commands”) besides the simple insertion of cameras.
“Extended commands” always start with #EXT. Parameters separated by “:”.
Example: #EXTGROUP:Doorstations.
Valid extended commands are:

#EXTMXU File start marker
#EXTCLEAR Delete all previous entries (cameras, views, groups)
#EXTGROUP: Without specifying a name, all following cameras will be assigned to the default group “All cameras”
#EXTGROUP:name:f:r:icon:map:info Group name is created, all following cameras are added to this group
f: size focus window (0x, 1x, 2x …)
r: Tile ratio (0:4x3, 1:HD, 2:8x3)
icon: if numeric, index of internal group icons, otherwise name of file parallel to mxu file
map: Name of file for background map
info: name of file for info page
#EXTCLIP:clip.mxg Clip is added, clip must be next to mxu file, but can be link
#EXTCURRENTGROUP:name Select group
#EXTINFO:comment Comment line
#EXTEND end of file, all following lines are ignored

Example of complete .mxu:


dfi-10-9-49-25-Tower admin meinsm
dfi-10-8-97-206-T24S admin meinsm

dfi-10-8-23-251 admin meinsm
dfi-10-8-45-196 admin meinsm
dfi-10-9-226-53 admin meinsm
dfi-10-14-20-75-Q25 admin meinsm

dfi-10-8-53-19 admin meinsm
dfi-10-10-140-119-D14Pano admin meinsm

#EXTGROUP:Dual Cams:2:2:10

dfi-10-10-106-26-D14A admin meinsm
dfi-10-10-152-225-S14 admin meinsm
dfi-10-13-242-195-S15D admin meinsm

dfi-10-2-2-169 admin meinsm
dfi-10-2-104-130 admin meinsm
dfi-10-3-11-51 admin meinsm
dfi-10-3-209-198 admin meinsm


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