[Preview] MOBOTIX HUB Nurse Assist Dashboard EN

Preview of the Nurse Assist function - Status Tableau. For sales demos and pilot projects

In the health care sector, it is essential to recognize at an early stage whether a patient is lying helplessly on the floor in his room and needs prompt care or whether an Alzheimer’s patient has left the bed and is no longer in the room. For this purpose, we offer a system solution consisting of our MOBOTIX HUB VMS and the MOBOTIX C71 Nurse ASSIST camera as a smart sensor on the room ceiling, which safely and reliably detects and reacts to the patient’s status.

In facilities with many rooms and e.g. a nurse room, the individual room statuses can be visualized in color in a status tab for the nurse.

Current functions that are available with the Nurse Assist Dashboard:

The very latest functions are available as a preview version in our beta.mobotix.com area in the Plug IN Package.

  • Free dashboard embedding in the layout of the Desk Client of the NurseAssist element to graphically display the status of the C71 NurseAssist camera (“fall status”) and thereby build a status tablaue of the conditions in the patient rooms
    • In the standard view, only the status changes are displayed with coloured tiles to ensure maximum privacy for the patients Curve diagrams.
    • If required, e.g. to assess a recognised fall, it is possible to switch the corresponding status tile to live bid mode.
    • The nursing staff can also switch the status tile to live mode at the touch of a button during the night shift, for example, to protect the patient’s sleep and carry out their rounds with a virtual view of the patient’s room. The display of the “case status” is also shown in the live image mode using coloured bars. The mode can be cancelled by pressing a button.
  • Free layout design: Combination of camera image and NurseAssist elements for a customised dashboard combination for e.g. live display of the emergency room entrance and the “fall status” status of the patient rooms.
  • Patient information
    For each camera/room, notes on the patient and their treatment priorities can be stored in note form in the camera status element. Four categories are provided for this purpose, which can be easily distinguished by colour. Here, for example, the patient’s name, medication intake, treatment focus and even the patient’s personal preferences can be stored in text form by the nursing staff. This ensures a smooth handover between the nursing staff. This information can be shown or hidden per channel / overall.
  • Blur Slider
    With a slider element, care staff can make the live image of the room or rooms unrecognisable to strangers (for example the craftsman is in the Nurse room and repair something) in the virtual tour if required and still have an overview of the room. One slider is available per channel or one slider for the entire camera in the display.
  • NurseAssist Log Tab
    All Nurse Assist activities, usage and opened alarms are recorded in the logbook. Search filters make it easier to analyse the log entries later. The log entries can be exported in CSV format or password-protected in ZIP format.
  • Intercom function
    The care staff can communicate with the person in the room as required via the cameras’ audio features. The operation is designed for Push to Talk/Push to Hear to prevent accidental listening in.

View that shows the current live status without violating the patient’s privacy:

This overview supports the nurse in their daily work to have a quick and easy overview of special events in order to be able to intervene quickly and easily, e.g. if a patient falls.

In the event of a fall, the fall situation can be assessed via live image if necessary:

Patient Notes:
The User can globally show or Hide the Patient infos, or do it individual per channel.

Patient Notes per Channel/Room

Patient Log Tab:

Global Slider to Blure the Live Image:

Channel/Room Slider to Blure the Live Image:

Communication with the patient

Virtual nurse patrol:

Especially in night care, a quiet and silent view is desirable for patients and allows an undisturbed night’s rest. With the Nurse Assist Status tab, we offer the option of switching to the live view if required.
In the current preview version, two buttons are available for this purpose in the top right-hand corner of the screen.
Despite the live view, the status of the patient is still displayed in color and allows a fall in a room to be recognized immediately even during the virtual night patrol.

Configuration steps after the Plug In installation

  1. in the Setup menu of the camera under Certified Apps in the Kepler Nurse Assist settings activate the MOBOTIX HUB Analytic Event and enter the correct data such as IP and port of the MOBOTIX HUB used!
    Important: add the Camera IP in the Filed Camera Name!

  1. Create a Kepler Nurse Assist event in the MOBOTIX HUB Management Client under the Rules and Events → Analytic Events branch.

  1. Switch to setup mode in the Desk Client layout
  2. Placement of the Kepler Nurse Assist status elements in the layout:

  1. exit setup mode


  • MOBOTIX HUB L2 or higher
  • MOBOTIX camera C71 Nurse ASSIST
  • MOBOTIX Plug IN version December 2023 or newer
    The Nurse Assist function is supported by the MOBOTIX HUB Level 2 and higher.
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