Recording: only the last 30 minutes

Hello there.
Since a few weeks ago, my camera only keeps the last 30 minutes of recording. Before I could playback the last 30 hours or so.
I have tried different settings without success. I wonder if could be a problem with the memory card, I have been using the same for over ten yerars
Have anyone an idea of what is happening.
Thank you very much in advance.

Hello Peloba

10 Years of usage of a SD card is very long, of course a SD card has no mechanical parts but a SD card has an electronic wear and tear during use.

The degree of wear and tear can be read from the camera’s info page by the “Flash Wear” value or problems with the SD card appear in the system messages.
This info can be found in the camera info menu. either by clicking at the iiiiii button or

in the section File Server /Flash device.

If the SD card is clearly overused, please replace the card. The corresponding recommendations for SD cards are listed here:

How to change the SD card is described in this thread:

Thanks for your help!!
I can’t see the information related to the memory card in the info menu.
I add an image of the External File Server / Flash Device panel I got, nothing about the SD card appears there.
I hope you can understand my explanations!! :face_with_monocle:
Thank you very much in advance.

Hello Peloba,

it seems that your camera Storage Menu is not complete and the camera is not able to read the configuration. This could belonging to your described issues with the SD Card, that the camera is not able to read the SD card.
Very important is to double check the System Messages in the admin menu of the camera for any warnings or errors.

From a practical point of view you can change the SD card in the camera (open the housing of the camera and put a new SD card in the SD card slot). Format the SD card and the camera will be again ready to store the data!

You could provide for deeper analysing the camera dump file to our support.
How to get it is described in this thread:

Thank you very much for your help… Now I have a bigger problem I can't access the webcam