API Integration: Managing Event Profiles


It is possible to use HTTP API commands to manage your Events.

You can:

  1. Add new Event Profiles

  2. Rename the Event Profile name

  3. Delete Event Profiles

  4. Modify the Event Dead Time

  5. Change the Event Profile to active and inactive

Finding profile parameters in your section.

/control/control?list&section=(Event Type)

Events Types Examples

  • event_ima = Image Analysis Events
  • event_env= Environmental Events
  • event_sig= Signal Events
  • event_tim= Tim Events
  • event_int= Internal Events
  • event_msg= Message Events
  • event_met= Meta Events

Now search for “profile string constant”. A profile string constant can not be modified by regular workflow. Profile commands are set_profile, read_profile, delete_profile and add_profile.

Finding the Identifier

For pre-existing events you can find the Identifier in Section events of the cameras configuration


Add a New Profile

In this example we will be creating a new Image Analysis Event called AS_1. AS_1 will be the Identifier




Rename the Event Profile name

In this example we are going to change the Event Profiles name, but not the Identifier




NOTE: In this example the difference between the machine name and the user defined name is apparent. You can find the machine name and user given name in the configuration of the camera. For example, from the camera configuration SECTION events after running the above command, ima=AS_1:_profilename=MxActivitySensor:ima_dead=3:ima_sens=as:activity_level=33:activity_area=0,0,0,1280,960:activity_directions=Left;Right;Up;Down:ot_type=corridor:as_list=

Deleting Event Profiles




Modify Dead Times

/control/control?section=(Event_Type)&set_profile=(Identifier)&ima_dead=(required Dead Time in seconds)



Making an Event Profile Inactive




Making Event Profiles Active