Apps, Bundles and ports summary

AITech apps can be activated in the form of a bundle that includes all available features of similar apps or in the form of a single plugin (app).
Every bundle configuration window can be opened with the following:
and the plugin configuration can be reached on:
All available bundles and ports are specified in the tables below:

Bundle Bundle Port Included Apps
AI-Crowd-Plus 21770 Crowd, OverCrowd
AI-Fire-Plus 22303 Fire, Smoke
AI-Retail 25273 People, Crowd, OverCrowd, Occupancy, OverOccupancy, Heat
AI-Security-3 21045 IntrusionPro, Loitering, Lost
AI-Traffic 28261 Road-3D, Incident

Plugins ports:

App Port App Port
AIBiodeep 25534 AIOccupancy 22545
AICrowd 27566 AIOvercrowd 22172
AICrowddeep 20079 AIOveroccupancy 23021
AICrowdplus 21770 AIParking 21714
AIFacedetect 25058 AIPeople 28530
AIFire 27901 AIRetail 25273
AIFireplus 22303 AIRoad3d 29940
AIHeat 22519 AISecurity3 21045
AIIncident 21223 AISmoke 25201
AIIntrusionPro 23257 AISpill 26220
AILoitering 21602 AITraffic 28261
AILost 24642