Camera Firmware Compatibility List

Hello Community,
this list shows the compatibility of firmware with different model lines.

M73, S74, Q71, D71, c71, p71, v71
Firmware Versions 7.x.x.x
MOBOTIX 7 certified Apps
M73, S74, D71, p71, v71
App Package Versions 20xx-xx-xx (Depending on Camera FW version, please make sure to check the release notes!)

Mx6 Models x16/x26
D16, M16, S16, V16, D26, M26, Q26, S26, T26, c26, i26, p26, v26
Firmware Versions 5.x.x.x

P3 Models :
D24M, M24M, Q24M, T24M, D14Di, S14, V14D, i25, c25, p25, v25, D25M, M25M, Q25M, T25M, D15Di, M15, M15-Thermal, S15 and V15D with Thermal Sensors and 6MP, 5MP, 3MP and 1MP Image Sensors
Firmware 4.x.x.x Out of development!

P2 Models
Q22M, M22M, D22M, M12, D12,V12
Frimware 3.x.x.x Out of development!

Firmware M10.2.2.x.x Out of development!

Firmware M1M_system_x_1_xxx Out of development!

Every camera is produced with a certain FW version. Due to possible technical adaptions of the hardware during the production run of a model, downgrading the FW to an older than the production version is not recommendet, and in many cases not possible.

For the latest available version, check at: