i26 Firmware update fails

Hi, MOBOTIX i26B-6N, need to enable RTSP stream. Two problems:

  1. Followed instructions here: RTSP Streaming with Mobotix Cameras, but i26 is not listed and I cannot find the proper URL for the stream for this camera model?

  2. Tried updating firmware to (currently on Downloaded locally, checked SHA256, uploaded selected .mpl file for upload to i26. Get this log:

System Upload Log Window
Update started 2022-10-31 12:38:43 CET
Switched into admin mode.
Released critical resources.
Fatal: Wrong lead in. Aborting.

Is the firmware not compatible with the i26 (the i26 is not listed) - if not, where do I get firmware updates for the i26?

Thx, Frank

Hello FrnkT,

you are uploading incompatible FW.
7.x.x.x is for 7x Models.
Find a list of compatible FW versions here:

Thx, will try the latest 5.x.x FW.