Can I spray-paint my MOBOTIX camera?

Although spray-painting the camera is never recommended due to the fact that, based on the type of paint, the quality and the robustness of the housing might be compromised, this will not completely void the standard warranty.

However, in case you can’t help painting your MOBOTIX camera, you should be aware that the standard warranty will not cover damages that are directly or indirectly imputable to the act of painting.

For example, if the camera is sent back for repair because of water ingress and it turns out that the paint corroded the housing and because of that the water could filter in, the damage will not be covered by warranty.

Conversely, if the camera is sent back for repair because of a sensor issue, the damage can be covered by warranty because it is completely unrelated to the act of painting.

Please keep in mind that the housing of MOBOTIX cameras is made primarily of PC PBT-GF30 (fiber-reinforced poly-carbonate) and that the paint should be chosen accordingly.

Below you can find some nice results provided by MOBOTIX partners.

MOBOTIX advices against painting cameras. Do it at your own risk!


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We paint with plastised paint works ok

This video shows the look and feel of the plastised paint:

Removing it is fairly easy but I would recommend taping the interior of the D15 to avoid the blue coloring.