Cloud Editions - FAQ - ENG

Which Edition is the right for my business needs?

Editions help large and enterprise businesses manage their surveillance system. The Professional Edition provides features like Locations and Floor Plans and Audit Log that help large and growing businesses better manage a large number of locations, cameras, and users.

The Enterprise Edition provides the expanded management tools plus advanced reporting tools that help with audit and regulatory compliance requirements.

Both the Professional and Enterprise Editions offer Single sign-on.

What new features come with each Edition?

New features are in constant development to continue to streamline and improve how businesses use their MOBOTIX Cloud VMS. When a new feature is released it will be added to the diagram on this page as they are developed and information about those features will be shared with our certified partners.

How much MOBOTIX Cloud Editions cost?

The Standard Edition is the base tier that comes with all MOBOTIX CLOUD Networks accounts. The Professional and Enterprise Editions include additional features geared towards the needs of larger businesses. Contact our sales team to learn more about pricing and features of the Professional and Enterprise Editions.

Who activates the edition for the sub account?

The Reseller activates the corresponding edition for the Sub Account in his Reseller Portal.
A: When creating the sub account

B: Afterwards in the sub account settings

How does a sub-account user recognise which edition is active in his account?

Besides the new functions such as Locations or Floor Plans, the user can look up the following menus:
A: In the settings at the top right.
Screenshot 2023-09-04 at 09.06.27

B: in the Account Settings under the Edition / Output tab.

Is Smart Video Search part of Editions?

Smart Video Search (search for example “Person in a red jacket”) is available to all MOBOTIX CLOUD users regardless of which Edition they use.

Are AI Video Analytic available forr any Edition?

Part of the flexibility of an MOBOTIX CLOUD Networks Video Management System is the ability for any user to add AI-based Video Analytics, such as line crossing and object counting, to any camera connected to the cloud-based system. These analytics features, can be applied to any camera and do not require an Edition subscription.

Can i change which Edition my business uses?

MOBOTIX CLOUD Video Management System is flexible and allows users to make changes as their business needs change or their business grows.