Cloud Viewports - use Quad, Panorama and Single Views - ENG

Cameras with 180° lenses (fisheye lens) can be “rectified” in the cloud in so-called viewports for the viewer.

The image modes Quad, Double Panorama and Single are available for this purpose and can be used in live and playback mode in the cloud. Recording always takes place in the fisheye image and can be subsequently rectified, meaning that all “corners” of the image are always recorded.

MOBOTIX IOT cameras with 180° lenses are supported, e.g. the Q26, C26 or C71.

In this case, an additional tab with the name “Fisheye Dewarp” is visible in the camera cloud settings where the corresponding viewports can be created.

Important: This tab is only displayed if the “4:3” or “16:9” modes are used in the “Aspect Ratio” submenu of the “Integration Protocols” camera settings in the Admin menu.
** In “free” mode, the "Fisheye Dewarp" tab is NOT displayed in the cloud!