Conexao O-Insights OPC UA plugin for MOBOTIX HUB EN

O-Insights™ OPC UA plugin - OPC plugin allows two-way communication of MOBOTIX HUB with any OPC client.

O-Insights OPC (Open Platform Communications) driver enables two-way communication over OPC between MOBOTIX HUB VMS and systems including any OPC UA client. building management, smart grids, SCADA etc. The plugin can be integrated with all the leading BMS systems in the market.

The plugin is now certified to work with Bosch BIS (Building Integration System), allowing data exchange between MOBOTIX HUB VMS and Bosch BIS. The alarms and events can be shared seamlessly between the systems. The Driver also lets the BIS easily access all the cameras and recording server(s) critical information from the MOBOTIX HUB VMS.

Key features

  • Designed to seamlessly work with any OPC UA Client
  • Send all HUB Events and Alarms information to BMS Systems over OPC
  • Camera and Recording server information available over OPC.
  • Alerts using SMS, Email, Phone, Mobile App notifications
  • Easy Installation and Configuration and Resource-light app.

What is needed to use the plugin:

  • O-Insights OPC Plugin

How it works:

Realtime Camera Information from MOBOTIX HUB captured over OPC

Camera Details

Download / Support information

How to install the plugin:

  1. Open the Setup and after reading the License Agreement, click accept and click next.


  1. Select the directory where you want to install O-Insights and klick next.


  1. Post installation click finish. You will now have the service in the windows service control manager.



MOBOTIX HUB OPC UA Datasheet.pdf (2.0 MB)