Conexao O-Insights Slider plugin for MOBOTIX HUB EN

A View Sequencer plugin for MOBOTIX HUB

A native MOBOTIX HUB plugin, O-Insights Slider is a slider/carousel/ that facilitates the sequencing of views within MOBOTIX Desk Client. The slider facilitates the sliding of views based on a user-defined time interval, thus negating the need to having to manually navigate to multiple views.

Key features

  • Sliding of multiple views through a single plugin
  • User-definable time interval between the sliding of each view
  • Native MOBOTIX HUB Plugin
  • Per user profile saved
  • Floating window for the View display

What is needed to use the plugin:

O-Insights™ Slider

How it works:

O-Insights Slider - View

O-Insights Slider - Adding Views

O-Insights Slider - Sample Views

Download / Support information

How to install the plugin:

  1. Open the Setup and after reading the License Agreement, click accept and clicknext.


  1. Select the directory where you want to install O-Insights and click next.


  1. Post installation click finish. You will now have the service in the windows service
    control manager.


MOBOTIX HUB Slider Datasheet.pdf (2.1 MB)