Conexao O-Insights MQTT plugin for MOBOTIX HUB EN

O-Insights™ MQTT plugin - MQTT plugin allows two-way communication of MOBOTIX HUB with any MQTT Broker

The O-Insights MQTT driver enables bi-directional communication between MOBOTIX HUB and IoT systems using the MQTT protocol. This driver allows seamless integration of HUB with the most prominent MQTT-based IoT systems available in the market, including Azure IoT, The Things Network, and Eclipse Mosquitto.

By integrating MOBOTIX HUB with leading MQTT-based IoT systems such as Azure IoT, The Things Network, and Eclipse Mosquitto, MOBOTIX HUB users have the flexibility to connect and collaborate with their preferred IoT platforms. They can easily exchange real-time data, sensor readings, device statuses, and other information between HUB and their IoT systems.

Key features of the plugin

  • Publish Alarms and Events as Topics from MOBOTIX HUB
  • Subscribe to Topics and show IoT sensor values in MOBOTIX HUB Maps and Dashboards, Trigger Alarms in HUB based on sensor values
  • Integrates with Eclipse Mosquitto, Azure IoT hub, The Things Network and others
  • Supports the MQTT protocol up to version 5

What is needed to use the plugin:

O-Insights™ MQTT plugin

How it works:

UI to manage subscribe topics

UI to manage publish topics

How the MQTT Plugin works

MQTT Data visualized with O-Insights Workspace

Download / Support information

How to install the plugin:

  • Run the setup file to install O-Insights for MQTT
  • The typical installation path is: C:\Program Files\O-Insights MQTT
  • Copy the License file to the License folder inside the directory where the product is installed
  • The O-Insights service must be restarted to load the license file.


MOBOTIX HUB MQTT Datasheet.pdf (490.7 KB)