Configure anti-virus software on MOBOTIX HUB systems (best practices)

As is the case with any other database applications, if an antivirus program is installed on a computer running MxHUB® software, it is important to exclude specific file types and locations, as well as certain network traffic. Without implementing these exceptions, virus scanning will use a considerable amount of system resources. On top of that, the scanning process can temporarily lock files which will likely result in a disruption in the recording process or even database corruption.

It’s regular practice that active high-performance databases should never be scanned. Video Management Software (VMS) servers, as the ones running the MxHUB video recording and archiving databases, are no exceptions to this rule. When MxHUBt video recording and archiving databases are recording, they store large amounts of data on the drives at a very high speed. Should anti-virus software attempt to scan these recordings (especially during the recording process ), the performance of the server becomes seriously degraded and in many cases, virus scanning can result in corrupt video databases.

When you need to perform virus scanning, do not scan MxHUB Recording Server directories containing recording databases (by default these are located here: C:\mediadatabase\ ), as well as all subfolders under that location. Also, avoid virus scanning on archive storage directories. In older versions of the software, the databases are by default located in the installation folder, each being a subfolder with the MAC address of the device recorded.

Create the following additional exclusions:

  1. File types: .blk , .idx , .pic , .pqz , .sts , .ts

An aside on file types (08-Apr-2021):

  • File types present in MxHUB L3 : .pic , .pqz , .sts , .ts
  • File types present in MxHub L5: .blk , .idx
  • File types present in both MxHub L3 and MxHub L5: .blk , .idx , .pic , .pqz , .sts , .ts
  1. Locations:

C:\Program Files\MOBOTIX\ (and all subdirectories) or:
C:\Program Files (x86)\MOBOTIX\ (and all subdirectories), and
C:\ProgramData\MOBOTIX\ (and all subdirectories)

Also make sure to exclude from scanning all Archive or Live storage folders or drives.

  1. MOBOTIX Hub’s core processes also require the following ports to be open. (Note: All the values below are default ones and you may need to open more ports depending on your particular setup, i.e. analytics, generic events, have extra ports that may need enabling.)
  • MOBOTX HUB Products:

    • Management Server: 80, 443, 8080, 9993, 9000
    • Event Server: 22331, 22334
    • Recording Server: 7563, 9001
    • Failover Server: 11000, 7563
  • MxHubt Mobile: 8081, 8082

  • MxHub LPR: 22334

Or, alternatively you can exclude network scanning of the following processes:

  • MxHub products: VideoOS.Recorder.Service.exe , VideoOS.Server.Service.exe , VideoOS.Administration.exe , VideoOS.Event.Server.exe , VideoOS.Failover.Service.exe
  • MxHub Mobile: VideoOS.MobileServer.Service.exe
  • MxHub LPR: VideoOS.LPR.Server.exe

Your organization may have strict guidelines regarding virus scanning, however it is important that the above locations and files are excluded from virus scanning so that the MxHub software can work in an optimal way.

Important: You need not only to configure the antivirus software to exclude the MxHub database and archive folders (incl. all subfolders) but if your anti-virus software includes a functionality that can check internet-based inbound traffic, you should also exclude from scanning the cameras’ IP addresses and relevant Recording Server and/or Image Server processes.

Here you can find the full list of used ports: