How to install MOBOTIX HUB on a Single Computer System

In this article you will learn how to install Mobotix Hub on your Windows PC.

For this, a few system requirements must be given in advance, which you can see in the following article.

Note: The PC hostname and the Windows user name must be different, otherwise an error may occur during installation!!!

- Microsoft .NET Framwork 4.7 or higher should be installed on all PCs

We recommend additionally deactivating the following components before starting the installation

- AntiVirus Software
- Windows Defender

1. Start the Installation File with Admin Rights

=> Right Click on the Installation File → Run as administrator
Run as Admin

Click on Yes
Run as Admin 1

2. Select the preferred language for the installation

Note: This language setting at this point is only for the installation process

Click Continue

3. Accept the MOBOTIX license agreement

Click Continue

4. Select your license file

Click on Browse

Select your license which you received from your reseller

Click Open

Click Continue

5. Choose your Installation Type

Select Single computer

6. Choose the components which you need in your installation

Click Continue

7. Set a configuration password
=>If you do not set a password, any user can make changes in the ManagementClient. We recommend here to secure the system with a password

Click Continue

8. Select the specific recording server settings

Click Continue

9. Select the encryption when needed

Here you can choose several certificates to encyrpt the communication
Select your certificates or clicl directly on Continue

10. Select the file location and the product language

Here you can decide where the MxHub should be installed and what default language it should have.

Click Install

Depending on the system performance the installation may take some time

11. Installation finished

Click Continue

12. Add Usernamen and Passwort of your cameras

=> Now you have the possibility to add cameras to your system, add your camera credentials into the fields
=> However, you also have the option to do this afterwards in the ManagementClient, if you do not want to add cameras in this step, do not fill anything and click Close

13. Select and add the Cameras to your system

=> If you decided to add cameras already, you will see a list of found cameras and you can select them

Click Continue

14. Configure your devices

=> Here you can set a useful name for the camera

Click Continue

15. Add Users

=> Here you can add new Users to the system (Windows Users or Basic Users, you can do this also later in the ManagementClient

Add new Users or click directly Continue to do this later

16. Configuration completed

=> Here you can see an overview of which cameras has been added to the system

Click Close

17. Install the latest Device Driver Package

To make sure that the MxHub has the latest and most up-to-date camera drivers, the device driver package should be installed after the successful installation of the MxHub.

After the installation finished you should have 2 Shortcuts in your Desktop


By clicking in HUB ManagementClient 2020R3 you can start to configure your system

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