Custom Exposure Windows P7 firmware and later

In the firmware version the user interface for the P7 cameras underwent a major facelift.

One configuration item is now in a completely new location: Customer Exposure Windows.

These are used to control the exposure camera based a specific location to either avoid changing light conditions or to take them into account for the image exposure.

Previously these setting were found in Setup Menu > Exposure Settings.

Now you will find them in the Quick Control found here…

Go to Quick Controls > Image Settings > Exposure Control

Screenshot 2022-01-13 at 21.41.56

You can either use the option to Add Window which will add your custom window to the existing exposure window or Replace Window which will give all priority to your new Window.

After making your selection you will be sent to the camera image.

You can then use your mouse to draw the exposure window either as a simple rectangle or complex polygon. You can reshape by pulling the red points on the outline. Click the checkbox in the upper left to accept.

If you wish to set the weighting for the custom exposure window you will need to do this by editing the configuration file in Admin Menu > Configuration > Edit (this also has a completely new look!)

Open the selection window and scroll down to camera/camdriver/ca_exp_window_weight
and click read. This will show you the current setting. You can carefully edit this parameter in red(don´t upset the formatting and brackets) and click Write and the Store.