FF Group LPR App Region Middle East - Supported License Plates / Countries

The first release of the Certified FF LPR ME App supports the recognition of license plates from the following countries, subject to the following conditions.
Among other things, additional meta data is generated in addition to the license plates (see attached).

Supported Countries:
Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and United Arabic Emirates (UAE)

Supported License Plate Types:

  • Common LP - Passenger, Truck, taxi, etc.
  • both, white background and colored, background
  • License plates with stacked and small characters
  • Personalized plates - are not supported. Those plates will be still detected and recognized but with lower accuracy than standard civilian license plates

Supported License Plate Regions (United Arabic Emirates Only!):

  • AE-AZ
  • AE-AJ
  • AE-FU
  • AE-SH
  • AE-DU
  • AE-RK
  • AE-UQ

Supported License Plate Types (United Arabic Emirates Only!):

  • Commercial
  • Diplomatic
  • Export
  • Learning
  • Moto
  • Police
  • Privat
  • Taxi


  • License plate detection rate >97%
  • Country recognition >90%
  • Region recognition >90%

Recommended License Plate Size:

Max. Vehicle Speed:
1 lane / FullHD resolution: 100 km/h
2 lanes / 5MP resolution: 60 km/h