Vaxtor ALPR Apps - Examples for supported license plates in the Middle East region

The following documents are highlighting examples of supported license plates / license plate grammar of the Middle East region, especially outlining the capabilities for Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and the United Arabic Emirates.

Important Note: From Firmware Version 7.2.1.x the Vaxtor ALPR applications are also capable of reporting the original arabic characters in line with the latin ones outlined in the document (via image overlay and reporting interfaces).

Status: 3rd January 2022 (since the libraries and databases of our apps are frequently updated please have a look at the latest release notes to gain the most current information)

Mx_VaxALPR_CertifiedApp_ExamplesFor SupportedLicensePlates_MiddleEast_20220103.pdf (711.7 KB)
Mx_VaxALPR_CertifiedApp_ExamplesFor SupportedLicensePlates_Qatar_20220103.pdf (484.6 KB)