Forensic Search - Histogram ENG

The histogram view allows a statistical representation of the events that occurred on the cameras in order to visualise an unusual accumulation of events, e.g. “Why was there a high number of events on the company premises on Sunday afternoon?”
This can also be broken down to a few or single events for the question “Why was there an event at all on Sunday afternoon on the company premises?”
The histogram can be displayed in any view and provides an additional statistical view of the events of the last 6 months. In the player and grid player view, you can jump directly to the desired event by clicking on an event in the histogram bar. In this case, the histogram serves as a navigation tool in the recording.
The user can determine whether all event types should be displayed or a specific event type such as “Shock Detector”.
In addition, the user can select the time range displayed from 1 day to 6 months and the display format (bar chart or needle chart).

Histogram Bar:

Event filter selection:

Time range selection:

Histogram application Video: