MxMC 2.6.1 - New Features

Version MxMC 2.6.1 offers many new exciting features and improvements for MOBOTIX IOT camera customers.
An overview of all changes is described in the Release Notes:

Link to the MxMC Release Notes:

One focus of the release was the extension of the forum save search, additionally some minor improvements have been added, e.g. GDPR addition user query by reason for search. This increases transparency in the area of data protection if required.

What has been added in the Forensic Search area?

  • The Smart Search now also offers a post search of the stored video data. The function is called Post VM because it is based on a post video motion search of the already recorded images.
  • Histogram View has been optimised and linked to the internal database of the MxMC, allowing a much faster update of the histogram data!
  • The Smart Data sources have been extended by many more search filters of the P7 camera APP “Pools”. These can be used as additional filters in the Smart Data search.


This new Post VM search is based on the existing search and has been completely revised in the visualisation of the results and adapted to the Smart Data search dialogues. The user has the following noticeable advantages over the previous solution:

  • The search results are clearly displayed in list form or image gallery view.
  • Multiple Post VM searches can be run in parallel → Time saving: user no longer has to confirm result after result and start the search again.
  • Forensic search has been bundled in the Smart Data view → Intuitive operation: everything in one place
  • Results can be dragged and dropped into the export bar → Familiar process for the user.
  • POST VM search parameters are saved per camera in a separate tab for re-searching.
  • Link between the Post VM search settings in the Player view and the Smart Data view → Settings are transferred to a new search tab of the Post VM.


Post VM Setting Dialog:

Post VM Settings in the Player View with link to the Post VM View in the Smart Data:

Post VM application Video:

The histogram view allows a statistical representation of the events that occurred on the cameras in order to visualise an unusual accumulation of events, e.g. “Why was there a high number of events on the company premises on Sunday afternoon?”
This can also be broken down to a few or single events for the question “Why was there an event at all on Sunday afternoon on the company premises?”
The histogram can be displayed in any view and provides an additional statistical view of the events of the last 6 months. In the player and grid player view, you can jump directly to the desired event by clicking on an event in the histogram bar. In this case, the histogram serves as a navigation tool in the recording.
The user can determine whether all event types should be displayed or a specific event type such as “Shock Detector”.
In addition, the user can select the time range displayed from 1 day to 6 months and the display format (bar chart or needle chart).

Histogram Bar:

Histogram application Video:

Event filter selection:

Time range selection:

List of available smart data sources that can be used as search filters in the smart data search:

Smart Data Source name Name of the App Function
FFLPR.plate FFLPR Recognition of vehicle license plates
VaxALPR.plate Vaxtor LPR Recognition of vehicle license plates
FFLPRAM.plate FFLPRAM Recognition of US vehicle license plates
FFLPR_MMCR.vehicle FFLPR MMCR Recognition of vehicles with their make, model and color
VaxALPRADR.plate Vaxtor ADR Identification of codes for the identification of dangerous goods
VaxALPRMMC.vehicle Vaxtor ALPR MMC Recognition of license plates as well as make, model, color and class
VaxOCRContainer.container Vaxtor Container Recognition of the codes of transport containers according to the international standard ISO 6346
VaxOCRUIC.uic Vaxtor UIC Identification of freight and passenger coaches using the UIC wagon number
VT_Face.face Visage Technologies Face Recognition Face detection
FFLPRME.plate (new) FFLPRME Recognition of vehicle license plates for middle East conutries
VaxUSDOT.plate (*new) Vaxtor USDOT Recognition of USDOT Identification numbers