Forensic Search - POST Video Motion (VM) ENG


This new Post VM search is based on the existing search and has been completely revised in the visualisation of the results and adapted to the Smart Data search dialogues. The user has the following noticeable advantages over the previous solution:

  • The search results are clearly displayed in list form or image gallery view.
  • Multiple Post VM searches can be run in parallel → Time saving: user no longer has to confirm result after result and start the search again.
  • Forensic search has been bundled in the Smart Data view → Intuitive operation: everything in one place
  • Results can be dragged and dropped into the export bar → Familiar process for the user.
  • POST VM search parameters are saved per camera in a separate tab for re-searching.
  • Link between the Post VM search settings in the Player view and the Smart Data view → Settings are transferred to a new search tab of the Post VM.


Post VM Setting Dialog:

Post VM Settings in the Player View with link to the Post VM View in the Smart Data:

Post VM application Video: