Getting Temperature From JPEG Images Generated by Camera

I am trying to get the temperature of individual pixels from JPEG images generated by the Mobotix M15 Thermal camera. I was curious if anyone knew of any documentation on how the images are generated or had another way of getting the raw data from the thermal camera. I am using the HTTP API.

My understanding is that for every pixel, the data from the Thermal camera is possibly scaled to beween 0 and 1023, then cliped to the specified ‘Thermal Range’ setting. Then the data is turned into the image by scaling/converting to a greyscale/what ever image type you specify.

My ‘Thermal Range’ setting is not set to adjust atomattcly - I set it to fixed values - so I can probably extract the cliped 0 - 1023 value from any image, but I don’t know how to turn that number into tempatue, as it did not apart to match any temperature units based on my testing. I know I could just calibraite it with a ice cube and anything hot that has a know temperature, but I would rather not do that.

I could be wrong about this also, but it seems like the raw thermal data is not something I can access directly from the M15 camera, but this can be done using the SDK on some Mobotix cameras?


Hello @patrick1,
to get the temperature of an invidiual pixel you can use the Eventstream SDK.
The HTTP API for the thermal raw data is outdated and will not be deverloped anymore.

Here you can request the SDK.