Getting the measured thermal values to a 3rd party software/script

When I have a camera set with a thermal event where I can get the Highest and Lowest value of all the pixels inside the detection area, how can I get these values to an external software/script?

Can I use an HTTP GET or some other network request (socket connection, etc) to get these values?

I know that I can setup an IPNotify profile to be sent every second, but I would like a faster way to do this request, and not to to be dependant on a setting on the camera.

With an HTTP get (or alternative) request I could get this information whenever I want from any camera that has a TR Event setup.

Hello mcamara!

You could use our Thermal Raw Data that was added in a FW a couple months ago (I believe V5.2.3.30, x6 series only). Please have a look here for more info: Eventstream SDK: Thermal raw images and live stream

Other than that, unfortunately, I do not know a way to utilise a HTTP GET to pull the current TR temperature reading from the camera. If the above doesn’t answer your question - please try getting in contact via our official support mail so we can escalate your query (