How to add additional recording server?

After you have installed the management server, download the separate recording server installer from the management server’s web page. Do not use the original MOBOTIX Hub installation file for adding another recording server to new Window server machine or this may cause errors.

  1. Go to the local management server and download the “recording Server installation.” file.


  2. Run the installation file from another Window Server and select “Typical” to install seperate or
    additional MOBOTIX Hub Recording server.


  1. Rename the new server to a name that is logical for your setup and then the recording path to a
    local drive on this server or point to the directory you want video to be stored.

  2. Put in the SSL certificates generated from server 1 or disable if you are not using it.

  3. Select language and press the “install” button and you’re done.

  4. Check on management server, if you have the new recording server registered and operating
    correctly, if not you may see the yellow mark.

  5. You may need to fix the Time/Date on the New server and all done.