[HOW TO] Filter « Visage App » by not recognized people

In projects using Facial Recognition Applications, triggering an event based on a face not being recognized by the software is just (or even more important) than a face that is recognized.
This article will outline the configuration required to trigger an event, when the Visage App reads a face that is not enrolled in the database.

First go to setup menu > Certified app Settings > Visage Technologies Face Recognition Settings

Enroll the faces/persons you want to add with “enrollment” ( more details in user manual > MOBOTIX Visage Technologies Face Recognition App Message Events Guideline EN ).

Important point at this moment is to choose “Enrollment” then click “SET” to activate the face detection. If you don’t click “SET” the enrollment will not start.

At this point you should have this kind of view :

NOTE! To view the meta data structure of the last App event, enter the following URL in the address bar of your browser: http(s)/IPAddresseOfYourCamera/api/json/messages

You will have this kind of result for a recognized face :

And in our case for a not recognized person the below result :
You can see now that we have Person : null

Now Go to Setup Menu > Event overview >Message Events VT_Face and we will apply below settings:

So we are filtering by > “person”:null instead of “person”:”(nameOfPerson)”

Important points :
There are no spaces each side of the ‘:’
The are no “” each side null.

Now your Event is created based on only people not recognized.