Certified Apps - Simplified Event Configuration with FW v7.1.2.24 (Oct 2020)

In this article we would like to present an improvement in the process of event configuration for our Certified Apps (status FW v7.1.2.24).
The goal is to simplify the creation of the camera’s event profiles and minimize possible sources of error.

1) General

All our apps communicate internally via MxMessage with the core software of our IoT devices.
So if an app triggers an event (e.g. license plate recognized / face recognized, etc.) we can use the meta data produced to generate events / alarms based on the message content.

2) Example content for the MxMessage / meta data of the Certified Apps (AIFacedetect App)

Bildschirmfoto 2020-11-10 um 16.19.42

3) Meta data filter

Basic information on filtering the MxMessage content / meta data can be found in the corresponding guidelines of the Certified Apps.
The improvement aims at suggesting possible message filters of activated apps during configuration.

4) Requirements for the improvement

  • Activation / Configuration of the app to be used
  • Trigger at least one event with the app

5) Example for event configuration (AIFacedetect App)

6) Integrated “global” MxMessage communication

The filter suggestions are applied to all MxMessages already received.
This means that globally sent MxMessages can also be evaluated using these filters.