How to open new topics in certain categories

Hi site-admins,
“beginners” in this community are not able to open new topics in diverse categories.
Especially the DE-topic “Troubleshooting-DE” seems to be write protected.
How can I gain access? In general this would be important to assign a new topic to the right category.
Do I need a certain badge? There is one called “Zertifiziert - Hat das Tutorial für neue Benutzer abgeschlossen”, but I have not found this kind of interactive tutorial.
Please point me in the right direction, I would like to play an active part in this community.
For the community a brief overview would be nice to show which badges are mandatory to reach a certain trust level.

The self service category is restricted to Mx employees. This is the place where we share content with you. You can reply to the articles if you have any question about the topic.

All of the categories without a Lock are open to everyone but a minimum trust level is required. The following post in the Discourse blog explains the Trust Levels:

Badges are meant to reinforce positive behavior in the community. Badges are awarded when you achieve system defined goals , like sharing a link, liking a post, etc…