How To setup a MOBOTIX Keyboard in the HUB

The MOBOTIX PTZ Keyboard is used for optimized control of the video management systems (VMS) MOBOTIX HUB.
This is an instruction on how to install your PTZ Keyboard into MOBOTIX HUB Desk Client.

Step by Step Introduction

  1. For the MxHUB you need to configure the function of the buttons.
    a) Go to more Menu and click on Settings

b)At Settings go to the option Joystick

c) Configure your Keyboard through the drop down lists for the buttons as the below table, or as you find it more practical for you

  1. If you need to add PTZ Presets, please follow the guide below:

a)First you have to activate the PTZ option on your PTZ camera in the Mobotix HUB Management Client

b)After you activated the option, go to the Mobotix HUB Client, and add the camera in your view, down in the right corner of the live picture you should be able to see the PTZ logo like in the screenshot

c)Click on Manage PTZ Presets and add your presets

d)After this is done, you can go back to the Settings → Joystick → Select the preset in which button of the PTZ Keyboard you want to have it.

Below is the table which of the options you can use with the PTZ Keyboard in the MxMC or MxHUB

Number/ MOBOTIX MxMC Function Joystick button MOBOTIX HUB Function Section Joystick - visual
1 Previous Camera 1 No action
2 Next Camera 2 No action
3 Cam Seuencer 3 No action
4 Previous Group 4 Select the previous view
5 Next Group 5 Select the next view
6 Group Squencer 6 No action
7 Device Tree 7 Toggle Side Pane
8 Alarmbar 8 No action
9 SmartDataBar 9 No action
10 Cancel (Ziffernfolge abbrechen) cancel No action
11 0 (0Button) 0
12 Enter (Ziffernfolge bestätigen) enter No action
13 Door Opener 13 No action !
14 Light toogle 14 No action
15 Softbutton 1 15 No action
16 Softbutton 2 16 No action
17 Softbutton 3 17 No action
18 Softbutton 4 18 No action
19 Softbutton 5 19 No action
20 Softbutton SELECT * (Button Combination) 20 No action
25 FullWindow 25 Toggle full screen view(s)
26 PTZ SELECT * (Button Combination) 26 Put a PTZ Preset Directly (Possible solution add as soft buttons)
27 Live Recording START/STOP 27 Toggle recording on selected camera
28 Snapshot 28 Create snapshot
29 Microphone 29 Talk to speak
30 Speaker Pickup/HangUp 30 No action
31 Select Monitor (Monitor Icon) (Button Combination) 31 Select window
32 Select Camera (Camera Icon) (Button Combination) 32 No action
35 Live View 35 show live
36 Playback View 36 show Playback
37 Grid View 37 Search for camera and view text or Select view “the view you have created”
38 Graphic View 38 No action
39 Info View 39 No action
33 Previous image (jogwheel) Previous Image
21 Previous image 21 Previous Image
22 Backward play 22 Start reverse playback
23 Stop/pause 23 Stop playback
24 Forward play 24 Start forward playback
40 Next image 40 Next Image
34 Next image (jogwheel) Next Image
Last sequence You can get to the last recorded sequence
Restore Application Maximize minimized application
Reload server configuration Refreshing the server in order to get new information
Minimize Application Minimize the application
Maximize the selected view If you select a camera on the grid you can maximize the view