IP Notify on HTTPS


We would like to use HTTPS for IP Notify Messages to send alarm to our server (running on HTTPS)
Is it possible to do so ?


I wonder that there was no response yet from Mobotix on this.

Mobotix basically solved it for Mx6 Cameras in 09/2020 with SW Release

=> however still a feature missing: currently no PUT requests can be configured. This is mandatory for some REST API, e.g. in smart home environment for Gira X1 REST API.

Feature Request: ADD PUT to the network message types as well!

Transfer Profiles

  • Network messages with HTTPS/SSL
    The encrypted protocol HTTPS/SSL can now be used to send network messages. For this purpose, you can select the new value HTTP/HTTPS in the dialog Admin > Transfer Profiles > IP Notify Profiles as the IP Notify Type and then make the desired configuration of the HTTPS network message.
  • Network messages HTTP/HTTPS-Post-Requests
    With the help of the above new network message type HTTP/HTTPS, POST and DELETE requests can now be performed in addition to HTTP(S)-GET requests. In addition, multipart messages now only send the content-length information once at the end of the HTTP(S) header. For example, a POST request can be used to specifically change individual parameters in the camera (such as microphone activation) using the /config/camera/ API. For example, the POST request/config/camera/audio/micro with data type JSON and value 0 disables the camera microphone.
  • HTTPS address and redirecting of addresses for image profiles
    HTTPS addresses can now also be used when uploading image files in the Admin > Logos and Image Profiles > Manage Image Files dialog. In addition, redirects to other HTTP/HTTPS addresses are now supported.

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