[Solved] HTTP / IP notify messages HELP

HELLO! Need Help!

We are partners of Loxone smart home installation systems.
In our project we are using Loxone smart home system and Mobotix M25 cameras.
Home system can communicate with camera through HTTP commands/requests.

As I know Mobotix camera can detect lux/brightness. And as well it can detect movement direction.
The thing is we need to define HTTP request which we are gonna send from our smart home system to camera and it will send us back the value.
And in our smart home software we will define if value is under 10lux it turns on the light. Is it possible to get such HTTP request from Mobotix camera and how to define it ?

Other command is direction detection command. We know that camera knows the movement direction. Is it possible to get this information out through HTTP?

Thank you!

Hey Kadjis,

You’re actually better off setting up the event in the camera,
Setup Menu > Event Overview > Environmental Events

Create an illumination event for when the value goes below a certain level.
Then create an IP Notify on the camera, so that it can send a message to your Loxone Smart Home System - You will need to identify what messages (if any) your loxone system can receive so MOBOTIX can send the alarms through.

Additionally, yes - you can get the camera to send IP Notify/Raw TCP/IP Messages when a specific direction is triggered within a specified area. You would create an ActivitySensor event and only flag a specific direction, then filter the selection to your desired area. You would then create an IP Notify (Admin > IP Notify Profiles) then align them together in the Action Group Overview page (Setup Menu).

I hope this helps!