Keypad bell button

Hello ,
When visitors come in most cases they press the small bell button on keypad .
How can I set the small bell button on keypad to work the same as the upper bell button?

Thank you

Hello @leonismac ,

when using the Keypad in Classic Mode, the keypad bell button has automatically the same function as the MainBell (Camera Bell Button).

Are you using the Classic Mode for the Keypad?

Hello ,
The Keypad is no Classic Mode.
Τhere are passwords that have been created with Mx Message Configuration . For these reason the keypad is in no classic mode .

Hello @leonismac ,

the function buttons are not available and not usable in MxMessage Mode.

In this case you have to create a PIN that sends a message directly to the output of your keypad.

In this case you have to enter your PIN and press OK to send this message after entering a PIN

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My keypad is in Classic mode.
However the bell button on the keypad triggers no action.

Please note that I had to reinitialise everything (including Autoconfig) following the failure of my Doormaster (bricked following a software upgrade)

Now the Call profiles per addressee works when a number is typed before the keypad bell button ; but the bell button with no number prefix does not do anything.

I have left this field blank but it doesn’t work

Any advice ? Thank you all :wink:

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