How to complete the auto configuration with a Door Station and a BellRFID

How to complete the auto configuration with a Door Station and a BellRFID

After the auto-configuration, the white camera illumination is on and the BellRFID shows the following status:

• The green status LED in the frame is flashing.
• The LED of the keypad behind the top right key (OK) is red.

Enter the Super PIN

  1. Place the supplied keypad insert into the base module (push it into the frame at the top, then push the bottom into the module).

  2. Enter your personal Super PIN on the keypad insert, then press the OK key. This OK key is now highlighted yellow.

  3. Enter the Super PIN again, then confirm by pressing the OK key.

  4. If the two PINs are identical, the number keys LEDs will flash repeatedly in a sequence from top to bottom and the top right key (OK) lights up green. When the process terminates the number keys flash white simultaneously and the envelop lights up blue.

Define the Bell Button set

Remove the keypad insert.

Depending on the bell button set, you need to select one of the six possible button layouts. To select a button layout, press any one of the button contacts in the center (keys 2, 5, 8 or 0). The module shows the current button layout by flashing the LEDs in a specific manner (see table below). The configuration starts with pattern a; pressing any button (1 or 2 or 3 or 4 or 5) switches to the next pattern in ascending order. After the last pattern, the module returns to pattern a.

Once you have found the proper pattern, keep any one of the buttons in the central column pressed until the LEDs are flashing repeatedly in a sequence. Next, the top center and right buttons light up green and the button at the top left lights up red.

The button contacts are now locked until the function and bell buttons have been inserted and the admin card has been trained.

Insert the Function/Bell Buttons: in order to insert the function or bell buttons, you need to remove the BellRFID module from the frame of the door station (if you have not already done so). Use the blue MOBOTIX key for unlocking the module. Insert the function and bell buttons in the proper order by inserting the elements from the bottom (e.g., the blue function button first). In order to avoid damaging the buttons, press the elements into the module using two thumbs as shown.

When you insert the buttons pay attention to the arrows on the side: they should all be pointing up.

NOTE: In the case you made a mistake configuring the button layout you need to re-initialize the BellRFID module from the Web GUI (Admin Menu >> Manage MxBus Modules) or better yet re-initialize the system and perform steps 1-4 again.

This process is detailed in the following video from our Training Team: