Management Center Supports PelcoD

Starting with version 2.1.1 ManagementCenter supports PTZ control with the PelcoD protocol.
The Pan-Tilt-Unit PT5 produced by SEDi for example can be mounted to M15/ M16, M24/ M25,/ M26 S14/ S15 and S16 models in order to add hardware Pan/Tilt functions to these models.

Select “MOBOTIX with PelcoD” as connection protocol to enable the PT function.

Hi. I does not find, how to operate Zoom and Focus control. Pan and Tilt commands working, but no Zoom and Focus via serial port, only electronic zoom.

Hello Sarunas,

this Option is developed for the regular PT Mounts.
Since there is currently no MOBOTIX camera with motorized zoom and focus functions, these two are not supported.

If the camera you are planning to control supports ONVIF, you might want to add it to MC as “ONVIF” camera. MOBOTIX MOVE cameras with zoom and pt functions are controlled by using “MOBOTIX MOVE”.

Hi Dirk,
Yes, but. There is possible to attach zoom lens to CS module. And this was described previously. S15 with Motor-Lens (COMPUTAR) and PTZ-Head (VIDEOTEC PTH910) WenbinY.pdf (1.5 MB)
Maybe, it is possible to develop MxMC version with possibility to choose lens type, fixed or motor zoom? This option was at MxCC.

Hi Sarunas,
I will bring this to attention of our PM.
This is a feature request and needs to be rated within our CRH Process.
I will open a Ticket for you in Support.