Mobotix C26 Camera Disconnect every Monday

As in the picture,
Mobotix C26B-6D camera has an issue that camera always disconnect and reconnect on every monday. There is no reboot schedule on the device. Is the factory set to reboot on every monday? How can I solve this issue? I get disconnect and reconnect alert and log on every monday.

Hello HtarZe,

the camera has per factory a weekly reboot at Sunday Night between 03:00 - 04:00 AM

You can change or disable this behaviour in the Admin dialog of the camera under the sub menu “Time Task”.
The camera will work properly without a weekly reboot.

As you mention, per factory setting is Sunday.
But my device is reboot every monday.
Is the time zone affect this setting?
My Timzone is (GMT+7)

of course the Time Zone could effecting this if it is not correct setup.
You could check the system Logs in the Admin Menü and you can see all reboots if they are triggered by the camera directly or by any remote command. I would suggest ou disable the Time Task (Reboot) set it to inactiv and try it for a week to see if this was the root cause.

I would like to ask detail steps to disable the Time Task. Since my user has no technical skill and knowledge. Please kindly provide detail steps for Mobotix C26 camera to disable Time Task.
Thank You.

To change settings in the Timetasks in the MOBOTIX Camera, for example inactive the weekly reboot of the camera

Via the browser interface of the camera open: