MOBOTIX CLOUD - How to keep a customers video private

This article is for Resellers and End User Administrators of the MOBOTIX CLOUD VMS. Specifically, admins who will be making decisions on video privacy and who can access video for an account, including whether or not the Reseller can access end user locations. A basic understanding of the VMS is recommended before configuring video privacy.

Video privacy is a core component of a secure cloud-based Video Management System. Data
needs to be completely protected from unauthorized access at all times, which is why securing cameras and data access points is a top priority for MOBOTIX. Whether attempting to view live or historical video footage, the Cloud VMS approach to video privacy prevents installation technicians and unauthorized users from viewing video streams through the system while also blocking access to the Camera VPN feature.

Any VMS user not listed on the Sub-Account will be restricted from viewing video streams. A Reseller’s Installing technicians with VMS access can still manage the camera’s configuration when required but are unable to see the video streams of their end customers. The Sub-Account administrator has the ability to manage these settings and enable Video Privacy for external users to view their video streams.

The following example outlines the steps a Reseller’s administrator must take to enable and configure Video Privacy for sub-accounts and to disable privacy if there is a need to do so.

Within the VMS, the administrator of the Reseller account can “Enable Privacy” within the
Sub-Account Settings to prevent users that are not in the system from viewing the video
streams while directly accessing the Reseller account. Once enabled on the Account Settings,
an Administrator from the Sub-Account may enable it on the Sub-Account Level. At this point,
only the Sub-Account administrator can disable Privacy Mode.

After reseller user login, perform below steps.

  1. Navigate to the Sub-Account
  2. Click on “Settings” and go to “Access” tab
  3. Select “Enable Privacy” option and save changes

Once the above steps have been completed, log out the Reseller account.

Note: Here, you see the that the box is unticked, that’s because we haven’t enabled privacy on our
demo account

Proceed to login as administrator in the modified Sub-Account.

  1. Go to Account Settings and navigate to the Privacy tab. This provides the option to disable/enable Video Privacy.
  2. Enable “Video Privacy”
  3. Click “Save Changes”
  4. Log out of the Sub-Account

privacy 3

To ensure video privacy was successfully implemented, login to the Reseller Account and click on the “Actions” icon to access the Sub-Account directly

privacy 4

Once logged in, navigate to “Layouts” and click on “All Cameras”. With video privacy successfully enabled, all cameras are now private. Only VMS users from the Sub-Account can see the video streams.