Sub account settings - Switch off billing-relevant options for the end customer (Disabling Billing)

In the sub-account of the cloud, the reseller can set the option / right whether the end customer is allowed to make billing-relevant settings in his sub-account or not.
In most cases, we recommend deactivating the billing-relevant settings to prevent the end customer from unknowingly making settings in his account that also affect the monthly or annual billing.

Especially for sub accounts that have annual or even multi-year billing periods, it is highly advisable to switch off these settings, as every change affects the annual or multi-year subscription. This avoids unwanted costs caused by inexperienced users.

Settings that affect billing should always be made by the trained partner in close consultation with the end customer!

This setting can be found in the dashboard of the Cloud Reseller account under the settings of the sub-account:

All relevant access rights for the sub-account can be set in the settings under the Access tab.

Disabling billing changes has the following effect:

Deactivate billing changes: All actions that could affect billing are removed. Users cannot add/delete bridges or cameras and cannot change cloud storage duration or video resolution.