MOBOTIX CLOUD - MOBOTIX NVR - Hybrid Solution (English)

MOBOTIX MOVE cameras can be integrated into the MOBOTIX Cloud as well as into a MOBOTIX NVR in parallel. This allows the user to use the MOVE cameras independently in two VMS systems (MOBOTIX CLOUD and MOBOTIX NVR).


  • Live display
  • Recording
  • Simple user administration
  • Easy access from "everywhere
  • Storage in the Cloud
  • Backup in the cloud
  • Combine multiple locations
  • Remote users mainly use the Cloud

MOBOTIX NVR for the cameras at one location:

  • Continue to use existing MOBOTIX NVR.
  • Local display (e.g. gatekeeper solution → short latency in the live streaming)
  • Recording is independent of the cloud
  • Remote access can be restricted to admin for maintenance (security aspect)

MOBOTIX MOVE camera the optimal use of streams:
The camera offers three stream profiles. In the hybrid case, the streams are used as follows:
Stream 1:

  • Main stream for the Cloud in H264 is preset by the Cloud and can be used in parallel by the NVR as the main stream.

Stream 2:

  • Preview Stream in MJPEG for the Cloud is preset by the Cloud.

Stream 3:

  • Is not used by the Cloud and can be used by the MOBOTIX NVR . Typically as preview stream in H264 format. (This must be adjusted during commissioning).

Configuration is as follows:

  1. Connect the cameras to the NVR and select stream 3 of the cameras for the preview.
  2. Connect the cameras to the cloud (stream 1 and stream 2 are adjusted by the cloud in the cameras).
  3. Configure stream 3 in the camera accordingly (H264 is necessary and the resolution can be set according to user preferences).

Screenshot for stream settings in the MOBOTIX NVR:

Screenshot for stream settings of the MOBOTIX MOVE camera:

Screenshot of the MOBOTIX NVR after the configuration has been completed:

The stream 1 encoder type incorrectly shows H264 instead of MJPEG although MJPEG is set. This is only a display mistake in the NVR.