Mobotix error skipping frame

Dear Mobotix Community ,
I am currently using a Mobotix M16 camera and utilizing Mobotix SDK for development in C++. While working on my project, I have encountered an issue where, after some time, I receive an error message stating, “input queue too large, skipping frame.”
This issue significantly impacts the performance and functionality of my application. I have attempted to troubleshoot the problem on my end, but I have been unable to resolve it. I would greatly appreciate your assistance in addressing this matter.
This error occurs after the camera is in a pause state by pause state means fetching alarm list and using sinkvideo for getting image data.
Could you please provide guidance on how to resolve this issue or any suggestions for configuration changes that might help mitigate the problem? Additionally, if there are any known issues or updates related to this, I would appreciate any information you can provide.

I look forward to your response.
Best regards,
Aditya Singh

Hello Adi,

in this complex question this could be multiple reasons like:

  • The Image is to big
  • overload the Queue with to many or wrong SDK commands

In principle, we would need a small example programme with which the problem occurs and a matching service report from the camera.

Can you please provide this to our Support and the can get in contact with the SDK Team of the camera to check if they see more with the provided infos.

Thanks Jörg

Hi Jörg,
I have already emailed about this issue, but I haven’t received a reply. It’s been a week now, and if you could connect me with the Mobotix support team, it would be very helpful.

Best regards,

Aditya Singh