MOBOTIX HUB - 2022 R2 Release (ENG)

MOBOTX regularly provides new HUB versions, typically 3 release versions per year.

Update options:

  • Customers who have already purchased an Advanced Service Product license can update to the new version free of charge.
  • Customers who do not have an Advanced Service Product licence must purchase new licences for the current version.

The releases contain new product features as well as improvements for the software components.

The release notes contain a detailed list of the improvements and changes.

See Software Download / MOBOTIX HUB → Release Notes:

Hub Incident Manager for the HUB L5 Version
MOBOTIX HUB Incident Manager is a MOBOTIX add-on that allows companies to document incidents and combine them with sequence evidence (video and possibly audio) with their MOBOTIX HUB VMS.

HUB Incident Manager users can store all incident information in incident projects. In the incident projects, they can track the status and activities of each incident. In this way, users can effectively manage incidents and share meaningful evidence of incidents both internally with colleagues and externally with authorities.

HUB Incident Manager helps organisations gain an overview and understanding of incidents in the areas they monitor. This knowledge enables organisations to take action to minimise the likelihood of similar incidents occurring in the future.

In HUB Management Client, administrators of an organisation’s HUB VMS can define the available incident properties in HUB Incident Manager according to the needs of the organisation. HUB Desk Client operators start, store and manage incident projects and add various information to the incident projects. This includes free text, incident properties defined by the administrators and sequences from the HUB VMS. For full traceability, the HUB VMS logs when administrators define and edit incident properties and when operators create and update incident projects.

Advanced bookmarks:
New option to select search by heading, description or both.

Additional changes in the main dialogue of the Desk Client:

  • Main dialogue and floating dialogues now behave like any native window dialogue.
  • Time field has been moved and now has a tooltip field when hovered over.

Improvement of the deletion process of a configured IDP (Identity Provider):

The role of an external user is displayed more clearly:

Push Notification is disabled by default for privacy requirements in Mobile Server & Client:

In the Mobile Client, push notification can be activated as follows: