MOBOTIX HUB 2023 R1 - New Features

MOBOTX regularly provides new HUB versions, typically 3 release versions per year.

Update options:

  • Customers who have already purchased an Advanced Service Product license can update to the new version free of charge.
  • Customers who do not have an Advanced Service Product licence must purchase new licences for the current version.

The releases contain new product features as well as improvements for the software components.

The release notes contain a detailed list of the improvements and changes.

See Software Download / MOBOTIX HUB → Release Notes:

Overview of the New in MOBOTIX HUB VMS 2023 R1 Features

Desk Client and Web Client User Interface (UX) renewal

Desk Client

  • Merged Live and Playback in the Tab “Views”
  • Refresh of the workspace toolbar - Export, Evidence Lock and Retrieve buttons are added

Web Client

  • New timeline for switching between live and playback modes in the Views tab
  • Ability to adjust Playback speed, Timeline ruler scale, play forward and backward, scrub between sequences once at a time, and a simplified flow for working with Bookmarks from the Timeline.

Mobile Clients - additional features

  • Share Bookmarks – The users who have credentials and permissions to view recordings and bookmarks from certain cameras will be able to share links to bookmarks between each other
  • Background Picture in Picture – for Android users only – The users will be able to multitask – browse between apps while viewing LIVE of a single camera in a smaller window on their screen
  • Native Screenshots for Android – Now the users can take a screenshot with both Android and iOS

Improved installation experience

  • As of 2023 R1 the MOBOTIX HUB Diagnostics Tool provides the ability to run a system prerequisite check before updating your current installation to any currently supported version of MOBOTIX HUB.
  • Backup the SQL Database(s) before MOBOTIX HUB updates: Ability to create system-wide configuration backup from the installer before updating to 2023 R1.
  • Improved installation times (Management Server and Management Client installers). Management Client Installer is now up to 3 times faster.

Deploying MOBOTIX HUB with a managed SQL service (on-prem)

Utilize the organization’s existing managed SQL DB without any admin access needed

  • Improved reliability, security, and measures for redundancy
  • Peace of mind for IT departments as they’ll not let someone else control DB and open for potential vulnerabilities


Receive events from MOBOTIX HUB through webhooks (HTTP POST Message)

In MOBOTIX HUB 2023 R1 or later, rules in Management Client support the webhooks action. Create a webhook item in Management Client with the URL from any 3rd party service and set up a rule to trigger it when an event happens in MOBOTIX HUB.
With webhooks, administrators are able to integrate with codeless platforms such as Zapier or IFTTT. It is simpler than ever to transform events happening in MOBOTIX HUB into SMS messages, calls, new tickets, Team messages, or blinking lights.
Administrators can use webhooks to send new events from MOBOTIX HUB to their web server running on-premises or in the cloud.



Other Updates:

DLNA discontinuation in 2023 R2

Please note: 2023 R1 is the last release that will include DLNA.

DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) is a standard for connecting multimedia devices. Electronic manufactures get their products DLNA certified to ensure interoperability between different vendors and devices and thereby enable them to distribute video content.