MOBOTIX HUB 2023 R2 - New Features

MOBOTX regularly provides new HUB versions, typically 3 release versions per year.

Update options:

  • Customers who have already purchased an Advanced Service Product license can update to the new version free of charge.
  • Customers who do not have an Advanced Service Product licence must purchase new licences for the current version.

The releases contain new product features as well as improvements for the software components.

The release notes contain a detailed list of the improvements and changes.

See Software Download / MOBOTIX HUB → Release Notes:

MOBOTIX HUB 2023 R2 new features and product compatibility

L1 L2 L3 L4 L5
Desk Client - Updated timeline
Desk Client - UX renewal of export tab
Desk Client - Adaptive Playback -
Desk Client Player - Adaptive View for export
Web Client - UX Renewal of Timeline
Web Client - UX Renewal of Bookmarks - -
Mobile Client - Share a link to a live camera feed - -
Device Packs
Log Server use of Server Configurator and certificates
Video restrictions - - - -

Mobile Client New Features

Share a link to a live camera feed in Mobile Client - Increased collaborative efficiency

  • Easier to find and share a live camera feed without knowing the exact camera name or name of the view.
  • Better situational awareness.
  • More efficient in a high-stress scenario.

Desk Client New Features

Adaptive View in the Desk Client Player - Improved viewing of video exports

  • Simplified and clearer viewing of video exports – focusing on cameras with recorded video at the right time and place.
  • Ease of use of MOBOTIX HUB format exports when needed as evidence.

Video Restrictions (only for L5) - Reduce the risk of unauthorized access to sensitive video in case of incidents

Restrict access to sensitive video and give only trusted operators the right to view it. Thus, reducing the risk of leaks and protecting the privacy of people recorded.

  • Reduce the risk of leaks Restrict video access to specific operators and prevent unauthorized access.
  • Protect people’s privacy Restricting video protects the privacy of people involved in incidents.
  • Live and playback Restrictions can be applied for both live and playback video.

Adaptive Playback - Reduce data load on systems
Adaptive playback in the Desk Client switches between a high- and low-resolution stream, reducing system load.

  • Lower the bandwidth consumption for playback Lighten the corporate network load and simplify connecting remote sites to a central security center.
  • Lower the load on viewing clients Give people accessing MOBOTIX HUB using ordinary laptops a smoother user experience.
  • Lower the costs when adding additional cameras Free up power for additional cameras on the same Recording Server by running motion detection on low-resolution streams when possible.

Other Updates:

Phase Out DLNA
The first release without the DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance).

DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance ) is a standard for connecting multimedia devices. Electronic manufactures get their products DLNA certified to ensure interoperability between different vendors and devices and thereby enable them to distribute video content.